What to Expect

First Visit

A typical first visit involves an intake form. Be sure to bring your insurance card and some sort of picture ID (driver's license is fine) we will need copies of these.

Dr. Guffey will then bring you back for a consultation and physical exam. The examination involves a thermographic and surface EMG scan to see how your spine is functioning. The process is painless and involves no radiation so everyone is able to utilize it. The rest of the exam is orthopedic in nature and the doctor will do a palpatory examination of the spine.

If xrays are needed, Dr. Guffey will refer you to a local xray facility to get them taken. An adjustment may or may not be done on the first visit depending on Dr. Guffey's findings. The whole visit takes about 50 minutes.

Second Visit

At the second visit, or "Report of Findings", Dr. Guffey will sit down with the patient and go through what is wrong, how it can be corrected, and approximately how long it will take. Dr. Guffey will go over xrays results if any were taken. If an adjustment was not performed on the first visit, it can be done the second visit.

By the end of the second visit, the patient has a clear picture of what is going on with them, if chiropractic can help, and when they should expect to see results. Total visit time here is about 20 minutes.

Regular Visits

On a typical visit, the patient will sign in and be brought back to the adjusting room by Dr. Guffey. They will go over how the previous adjustment went and if any changes have been made.

After that, and adjustment will be performed. If a modality is needed (ultrasound, decompression, EMS etc) that will be done prior to or after the adjustment depending on the situation.

Once the adjustment is done, the patient will be instructed to make a follow up appointment. Your total visit should take about 10-20 minutes.

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